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Breyer Traditional Kendall – Brick & Mortar Special 2022 TBT1867




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Breyer Traditional Kendall

Bred for intelligence, stamina, and athleticism, the Quarter Horse is a common sight on working farms and in competition and with their inherent cow sense it's no surprise! Whether keeping the herd together while switching pastures or cutting a cow in an arena to the cheers of hundreds, people have always loved to watch a "cow horse" work. The Quarter Horse's agile nature becomes apparent as they use their lightning-quick reflexes to maneuver and track a cow, exhibiting their talents for sprinting and rollbacks during the process. Quarter Horse mare Kendall is the capable partner cowboys dream of having. Her mane and tail, frozen mid-maneuver, are the perfect flaxen shade to accent her rich chestnut coloring. This hardworking mare is completed with a beautiful high gloss.

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