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Ringers Western Australian Made 6ft Stockman’s Whip Red Hide



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Our premium Australian Made 6ft Stockmans Whip - Red handle is suitable for general stockwork from horseback or on the ground. Made from only the finest of materials, it will last a lifetime if maintained and conditioned.The whip thongCommonly known as redhide whips the main components are an oil impregnated leather known as Latino. The leather is shaped and plaited around a rolled Latigo core known as the belly.

The HandleThe Handle is a tapered length of Tohiti cane affording strength and flexibility to promote the whipping action. This cane will not fragment and splinter thus reducing risk of injury.

Handle coverCovering the lower end of the handle is a 12 strand Herringbone plait of kangaroo hide. This terminates with an interwoven 7 part, 6 bight Turk’s Head which shapes around the dome of the whip end.

The FallThe fall or tail of whip is of solid redhide and attaches with a hitch that balances the fall in the centre of the whip thong.

The CrackerThe crackers are formed from strands of polypropylene rope twisted together and knotted securely.

Care Instructions

  • Keep whip clean
  • Lifespan of whip will reduce if whip is used on concrete or hardened surfaces
  • Apply leather dressing regularly
  • Some products may darken leather
  • Store under cover when not in use
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