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Myler MB33 English Dee With Hooks Ported Barrel L2 89-22335




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English Dee with Hooks- Design- A "D" shaped ring with fixed attachment of the mouthpiece and slots (hooks)at top and bottom of rein for headstall and rein attachment. Small hole at top of ring for curb chain hooks.

Function:Leverage action-when pressure is exerted on the reins, the mouthpiece rolls downward and backward in the mouth and pressure is applied to the poll via the headstall. When rein is released, keeps mouthpiece upright, instead of resting on the tongue. Allows riders to use less pressure than traditional ring bit. Very encouraging for horse, to relax at the poll. Straight side of dee won't pull through mouth and does not pinch.

Option: Can be used with or without a curb chain

MB33 Mouthpiece

Function: Puts downward pressure on the top of the bars, does not collapse on the bars and has no tongue pressure. Each side moves independently. With low palate, may exert some palate pressure. Turns into a solid mouthpiece when asking for a stop. Offers tongue relief.Usage/Solution for:A mild bit, The Myler ported barrel mouthpiece works well with the intermediate and finished horse. The independent side movement allows the rider to isolate one side and pick up a shoulder. It is a good bit for a stiff horse with little bend or the horse which gets behind the bridle. Level 2,3

Note: Myler polished sweet iron naturally oxidises or rusts over time. This is harmless to horses, and in fact further encourages salivation due to its sweet taste.

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