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Lowa Boots Triangle Cleaning Brush



Lowa Boots

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Lowa Triangular Cleaning Brush

The LOWA TRIANGULAR BRUSH is a versatile brush for removing spots and soil from shoe leather. The brass and nylon bristles make quick work even of stubborn soil and can be used to roughen suede. The cleaning rubber removes stubborn rings, and the rubber crepe is ideal for finishing work. Ergonomically designed and easy to use, the LOWA Triangular Boot Cleaning Brush is ideal for cleaning and maintaining any one of LOWA's extensive range of boots. Each of the three sides has a different kind of brush on it; with one possessing a nylon and brass nap, another a rubber buff, and the final side, an eraser. Between these three distinct areas, the LOWA Triangular cleaning brush can be used to effortlessly remove mud, eliminate grease stains, wipe away dried dirt, and generally reinvigorate boots that have become dull and worn.

Suitable for use on suede, nubuck leather and velour, the Triangular Boot Cleaning Brush is the perfect accessory for anybody who has or is going to invest in a pair of leather LOWA boots.

LOWA Triangular Cleaning Brush - How to Use

The LOWA Triangular Cleaning Brush provides you with a versatile way for removing spots and soiling from boot leather. This brush is fitted with three different materials on each side to suit a variety of cleaning needs. Sporting a sleek and ergonomic design, the brush allows for an easy and natural feel when using and switching between the different sides. For the best results, gently run the appropriate side of the brush on the area of the boot that requires maintenance until you are satisfied.

1. Brass/Nylon Suede Brush

The brass and nylon bristles make quick work of any stubborn soiling, as well as being an ideal tool for roughening suede. Avoid using these bristles on stitching as they may weaken it.

2. Rubber Eraser

The cleaning rubber/eraser will remove rings, scratches and dirt from your boots after even the longest of treks.

3. Rubber Crepe

The rubber crepe works great when it comes to napping your nubuck leather and restoring finish so that your boots are looking nice and fresh again.

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