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Iconoclast Orthopedic Support Boots Front White



Iconoclast Orthopedic Support Boots feature our patented double sling straps for unparalleled lateral support. With its evenly distributed support to the suspensory branches, Iconoclast is the only boot that truly lifts and cradles the equine leg. Designed to reduce joint interference and restriction, this is the perfect all round boot for every equine discipline.
All Horses ... All Disciplines
Iconoclast Orthopedic Support Boots will help your horse feel more confident with each step they take, in and out of the arena.

Iconoclast Extra Tall Orthopedic Sport Boots
Performance horses need extra support as they are exposed to diffucult manuveres such as hard stops, backing, deep turns, jumping and long, full strides. As a result of performing these maneuvers the hock reaches a fully flexed postion and a 'vertical loading' force is applied to the hock joints and soft tissue of the lower limbs. Since the suspensory ligament attaches at the toop of the cannon bone, just below the lower hock joints, it can become stressed or injured due to these forces from above.

The extra height of this new boot will help to save the upper suspensory ligament from injury during these strenuous performance manuevers. The Iconoclast Extra Tall Orthopedic Sport Boots features our four upper straps in addition to our patented Double Sling Straps which wrap around the base of the fetlock, lifting and cradling it with unparralleled 360 degree support.

Our line of Iconoclast Bell Boots will work great in association with our Orthopedic Support Boots.

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