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Classic Equine Saddle Pad Zone Wool Top 32″x34″


Classic Equine® Zone™ Wool Top Saddle Pad 32" x 34" - Coffee & Turquoise Contoured spine saddle pad with hand woven, 100% wool blanket top can be folded back for shim placement if necessary and lays clean & flat against the pad. Powered with a vented Zoombang™ insert that is scientifically engineered to dissipate energy, reducing injury and stress on equine athletes. Its breathable design remains securely in place, providing conformal layered protection. Total saddle pad thickness is approx: 1". This size is generally suitable for barrel racer saddles & australian fender saddles as it has a 32" spine.Zoombang® Protective Gear™ was developed through a collaborative effort with some of the most respected professional trainers, equipment managers and athletes. The unique ability for Zoombang® polymers to react in direct proportion to applied energy sets it apart from all other traditional padded materials. Zoombang® polymers, being fluid-like at rest, will easily conform to the individual player’s anatomy and help fill voids between the athlete and traditional hard shell equipment. The result is an overall equipment fit that was previously impossible to achieve. Dissipates more energy than foams and gels – up to 80% 40% lighter than gels Soft at rest yet instantly stiffens upon impact Dramatically improves the fit and comfort of traditional pads Exceeds NFHS specifications.

  • Coffee/Turquoise, Sheepskin/Raspberry

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