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Bamboo Textiles Men’s Socks Charcoal Hiker


  • Bamboo Charcoal Hiker / Lightweight Work Sock
  • Like the Bamboo Charcoal Circulation Health Sock, the Hiker is endowed with the same state-of-the-art charcoal technology. Powerfully antibacterial with the charcoal. It re-radiates far infrared rays for better cell metabolism and absorbs toxins.

    Composition: 35% bamboo charcoal fibre; 32% bamboo fibre; 25% cotton; 8% elastane.

    Available in sizes mens 4-6/womens 6-8, mens 6-10/womens 8-11 and mens 10-14.Colours
    The Bamboo Charcoal Hiker comes in the following colours and sizes in the table below:

    Mens 4-6 /Womens 6-8
    Mens 6-10 /Womens 8-11
    Mens 10-14

    Red Grey Marle

    Black Grey Marle

    Walnut Grey Marle

    • Black Marle, Red Marle, Walnut

    • Men's 10-14, Men's 6-10, Women's 6-8, Women's 8-11

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