Akubra Hats

If you want to feel like a true rancher or a buccaneering buckaroo, all you need to do is put on an Akubra. Complete your western-inspired look with the wide range of Akubra hats available from Pakenham Western Wear and Saddlery.

Designed for men and women, boys and girls, our Akubra hats offer comfort, practical protection, and will leave you feeling like a cowboy or cowgirl.

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If you’re looking for a wide-brimmed hat that just feels like it belongs in the Old West, buy an Akubra from the team at Pakenham Western Wear and Saddlery.

Our Akubra hats are available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit your look. This includes traditional colours such as browns, greys, charcoals, blacks, beiges, and whites. You can also pick up Akubra hats in bright blue, opt for a straw design, or choose another style of hat entirely.

It wouldn’t be an Akubra without a hat band, and Pakenham Western Wear and Saddlery also offers a range of hat bands to complete your look.

Akubra Hats: Australia’s Own Cowboy Look!

Akubra Hats certainly look like they belong in the Old West, but they are actually a part of Australian iconic rural tradition. By purchasing an Akubra from Pakenham Western Wear and Saddlery, you are both completing your western look and supporting Australian history and Aussie manufacturers.

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